Game released: Superhero Memory Match

Finally! After quite some time porting the game code from Flash to HTML5 on the spare time, I managed to have the first game finished and published on the main stores for HTML5 and mobile content.

It is called “Superhero Memory Match” and the goal of the game is to find the matching pairs of hidden superhero images.

Play it and if you like it give me a good rating! 🙂 You can find it here:

Scriba, new tool to generate documentation from source code

Scriba is a tool to generate documentation from source code. The content of the documentation is extracted directly from the source code and/or any other files found on the project tree. Unlike many other tools Scriba does not generate API-like documentation neither the generated documentation necessarily follows the same structure as the source code.

The purpose of Scriba is to provide an easy way to have source code and documentation mixed on the same set of files. The problem Scriba wants to solve is the mismatch between code and documentation that tends to occur on the life-cycle of a project, specially as the project grows older. What usually happens is that developers are busy producing code that works, and as documents are kept on completely different folder structures they never go and keep them up to date. Hopefully this script will be of great help for developers, specially on Agile and Extreme Programming environments where for their nature changes on the code happen a lot more often.

The main goal of Scriba is that we do not hinder the normal development work in any way:

  • Scriba should not to give any extra work to the developers to create the documentation.
  • Scriba should not interfere with any other software documentation tools.
  • Scriba should not pollute the source code with strange syntax or extra sections.
  • Scriba documentation should be able to be used as code comments and the code comments should also be able to be used as Scriba documentation.

With those principles in mind we made Scriba use the normal code comments sections to take the contents of the documents it will generate. We also have given the ability to format the text in a way that can easily be read as a normal text file but that will render nicely when exporting as a proper document.

Superheroe Avatars

One of my projects is a series of websites where people can create their own custom avatars based on different niche subjects. The latest addition to the collection is a website called “Superherotar” where people can create avatars based on superheroes to use as profile pictures on their favourite social networks:

On the technical side I can share that there are 514,092 (more than half a million) basic picture bits you can mix up to create your custom avatar. This gives you about 1.9591e+47 different avatar combinations you can build with this tool. To put this number in context lets have into consideration that the human population is currently around 7e+9 … the estimate number of ants in the World is 1e+16 … the number of stars in the Universe could be around 1e+25 … and the approximate number of bacteria on Earth is 5e+30 … This means that you can create “quite a lot” of different avatars. Don’t worry, the interface is quite easy to use, given the monster we are facing! 🙂 If you are wondering how I managed to do all that and not die when trying … well, that is part of my bag of magic tricks! 😛

I hope you enjoy creating your own nice Superhero avatars!