Ivan Reyné

Ivan Reyné CV

Indie game developer

July 2009 - Present
Anywhere. Now: Cassà de la Selva, Catalunya


  • Designing and developing mobile games. #Godot
  • Designing and developing HTML5 and web games. #PhaserJS #Godot #GameDesign
  • Designing and developing educational games for llenguado.com.

Self-employed software developer

July 2009 - Present
Anywhere. Now: Cassà de la Selva, Catalunya


  • Designing, implementing and maintaining custom web applications. #VueJs #Angular #Laravel #AWS #Linux
  • Designing and implementing websites based on CMS systems. #Wordpress
  • Optimising web sites for search engines. #SEO
  • Developing Rich Internet Applications based on Flash for an UK company with world class clients like Manpower and General Motors. #Flash


  • Moncasoft:
    • Integration with the SII revenue API for bills and VAT. #SII #Nightmare
    • Developing custom integrations with hardware like scales or cash payment boxes. #Pascal #Raspberry #Linux

Full-stack software developer

Litesolutions SL
December 2020 - July 2022


  • Implementing e-commerce solutions. #Magento2 #Prestashop
  • Implementing custom web applications. #VueJS #Firebase
  • Customer support. #Patience
  • Improving custom applications. #SQL #SII

Innovation liberator / Product architect

December 2011 - November 2016
Santiago de Cali, Colombia


  • Main responsible for the software development process. #Ember #DojoToolkit #Java #GWT #Linux
  • Providing experience to a group of junior developers. #Mentoring
  • Coordinating the work of the different departments. #PM #Scrum #Agile
  • Interfacing with the clients and requirement gathering.
  • Fighting crime!

Library characterisation team expert

November 2008 - May 2009
Porto Alegre, Brazil


  • Providing expertise to a group of new recruits. #Mentoring
  • Designing time critical and resource intensive electronics related software. #C++ #Perl #Python
  • Being one of the company’s experts on microelectronics and software development related issues.
  • Helping defining the long term software development goals and strategy.
  • Working with teams members worldwide.
Philips / NXP Semiconductors

Principal software engineer

Philips / NXP Semiconductors
October 2000 - June 2008
Southampton, United Kingdom


  • Designing and main developer for time critical and resource intensive electronics related software: cell library characterisation software. #Perl #Lisp #Unix
  • Driving customer requirements gathering.
  • Helping creating better electronic models with external software suppliers and standards working groups.
  • CMM level 3 and ISO9001 work environment. #Quality
  • Providing expert support for microelectronics simulation related issues. #SpectreHDL #Verilog
  • Keeping up to date with latest microelectronics trends.
  • Investigating on new electronic modelling standards.
  • Working with teams and customers worldwide.

Software engineer

Iris New Media
April 2000 - September 2000
Barcelona, Catalunya


  • Designing and implementing software to control a LAN gaming based business. #VisualC++
  • Testing complex systems.
  • Being main interface with customers.

Support IT engineer

Ibernet Telematica
July 1998 - September 1998
Barcelona, Catalunya


  • Customer support. #Patience
  • Basic server administration. #Linux
  • Responsible for backups.